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PAP Top 80 dying


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Just thought i'd let you all know of a problem that I have just cured on my PAP 80 that could occur on any 2 stroke paramotor fitted with a priming bulb.

Basically it had been running fine untill the other day when it was dying off at the top end. This eventually got worse so that it wouldn't run at all. I suspected the filters but after checking them found nothing a miss.

One thing I noticed was that when I primed the carb the priming bulb was staying partly squashed, anyway turned out to be the crappy sliding plastic one way valve in the bottom of the bulb. It was sticking allowing you to hand pump fuel through but once the engine was running it couldn't suck it through on its own.

Ended up changing it for a genuine Lucas one that I had kicking around and 10 times better quality.

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