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anyone use a watch based altimeter ? I have read a few reviews of the Suunto Vector and X-Lander watches and both get good flying write up's. The cheapest Vector is about £90 delivered (in pink) and the X-Lander is twice that although second hand you can pay 1/2 price. Would keep you legal if you have an airmap in your pocket and you don't need the vario feature which is probably a bit slow to update for free flying.

Simon any trade discounts ? (when you return from sunnyland)


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About a year ago I was told about a cheaper option and bought the Tchibo winter watch for about £30 and does the same thing.

The model looks to have changed, but not the price

http://www.tchibo.co.uk/is-bin/INTERSHO ... KU=0008979

For £90 or less, I'd recommend getting a Garmin GPS watch (forerunner/foretrek) as that gives more info and talks to the PC when you get home to tell you where you've been :-) Like this slow lap around Castle Combe on Saturday http://maps.google.com/maps?q=http://tr ... es=3906303

If you are near Bath, give me a shout and you can borrow the Tchibo ancor GPS watch to compare.



01225 48287one

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