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Air Canada Incedent Report


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This looks like it must of been a scary time for all involved. Maybe Norman has more info but maybe if the pilot though something werent right when the co-pilot arrived at the airport then he shouldnt of allowed him to fly? Just a discussion as im not aware of who calls the shots regarding this?


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OK Frazer, I'll give it a go.

This sort of thing happens occasionally, it isn't a major drama if the symptoms displayed by the incapacitated pilot are benign. It can be more interesting if the symptoms/reaction from the incapacitated crew member are more severe as has been the case on just a couple of occasions.

The Air Canada captain did a good job, followed his company procedures landing without incident as you would expect. Putting someone in the vacant seat isn't essential to the safety of the operation but a spare pair of hands is seldom wasted and the company can add to the conviviality of the moment. It also relaxes the rest of the crew who wouldn't like the idea of there being one pilot alone up there.

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