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Used to have a pair of Stalker 9 sideband rigs and a 1/2 wave mast with a 500w burner which had it's own huge switch mode power supply. When I keyed up it used to knock out half of the TV's on the street and the guy in the corner shop several hundred yards away even mentioned his reception problems to me. The problem then was there was so many rigs in the town (Huddersfield) that you needed the power to get over everyone elses signals, SLIM please don't go too mad. I did attend an amateur radio course and am fully aware of the errors im my ways, kit is all sold.

Also have lots of stories about using police scanners and the devious ways the police used to try to catch us out but thats all pub talk not public forum stuff, will mention one sting when they broadcast that a bank robber dumped his loot in a certain wood and there was thousands of bank notes blowing in the wind with no officers spare to gather it up. I did not fall for it but loads had a lot of explaining to do. Tetra means newbies won't have this excitement anymore :(

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I was personally involved in a case where a young man decided that he wanted to run an FM radio station during the Reading Festival. The somewhat crap transmitter he bought from a bloke down the pub not only transmitted on the FM frequency he wanted but also on several air traffic control frequencies associated with landing aircraft at Heathrow.

To cut a long story short... later in the day he left a couple of tracks playing and nipped to the chip shop to get some tea. When he returned he discovered two van loads of blokes in black ski masks blowing the b****y doors off his parents' house and found himself face down in the middle of the street with several MP5s pointed at the back of his head.

Shortly thereafter he found himself in court. It wasn't pretty. Ofcom have a 100% success rate when bringing prosecutions - of course that could just be because they only prosecute the ones they know they can win ;-)

Don't worry Dan, we've all done things that... well, I'll leave it there ;-)


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Try flying over Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries getting 'commercial' breakthrough on ATC frequencies and even 121.5, it's bloody awful when it happens - but even there it isn't often. We certainly don't need that here, nor do we need men in masks dropping in for tea and buns then a short Landrover ride followed by a session in front of the 'beak'. :wink:

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