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Hello - Newbie here


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i know area plenty fields over were you are im over near leeds my self . there is a local instructor in doncaster look up axb sports the chap is called paul he will give you some good guidance , apart from that buy the powered paragliding bible. its a good book to have and will be a good reference book to keep going back to

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Ahh, Summer Wine City eh? That's where my in-laws live.

There is no requirement for any form of licence, approval or testing. Any training is voluntary (but a bl**dy good idea).

Well, you can go to an instructor, use their gear and learn to fly in a package deal. Prices vary depending on whether it's a one man band, or a larger company (have a look at 'Airways' near Ashbourne, Derby, their web site might give you an idea on prices).

Once you are able to get yourself in the air, you can go your own way if you so desire (in fact you can teach yourself from scratch, but it's not very advisable). or perhaps join a club and fly with some mates. Or even just meet up with a couple of like minded friends, and fly together.

You can kit yourself out for around about £3000, give or take, sometimes you can pick up a bargain, or you can spend more if you buy new.

Basics are a motor, a wing, a helmet and a pair of boots, an altimeter and a GPS are well useful. You must carry a current CAA chart, and it's essential you understand what it's telling you, so you don't blunder into anyone's' controlled airspace. A basic understanding of UK air law is a really good idea. Third party insurance is advisable, just in case you land on someones Rolls Royce, or startle a horse into throwing a rider.

Any more specifics, ask away.

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