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Napier Active Noise Reduction Headset.


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I have just dug out my Napier 'Active noise reduction' headset from my shooting days in the ARMY.

I have charged them up, and they seem to be working VERY well when I clap, and so on...

Tomorrow I will run up the motor.

Not sure how much they cost or anything as I have had them for years, but could be cool for a quick flight if no comms are wanted/required.

They actually amplify normal voice. allowing 'whispers'to be heard well.


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I use Peltor Tactical's for my shooting, only downside is when you are in a conversation during a heavy spell of gunfire it blanks out a lot of the conversation. Not bad for around 50 quid :) but remember all these types of muffs just block loud noises they arent noise-cancelling headphones which is what you want for paramotor comms.

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I dunno?

I recon that if you can have a set of ear defenders that amplify quite noises like the wind, people in the distance, and such and then drown out the motor to a safe level. Why not perfect for PPG?

No comms agreed, but I love to fly with no comms. It's a part of the sport for me.

Found a picture..... (the description with this unit mentions 200 hours of batt life, I am not sure of they are identical but my set are rechargable, from a 12 V source. I think in all the years I have had them, I have just charged them for the first time.

I also found out that they are still standard issue for the British ARMY so have to be half decent. (waiting for whitty comments about that bit :lol: )


The NEW ED960s from Napier.

Batteries provide up to 200 hours continuous use.

Independenet volume controls for true stereo imaging.

Natural sound at all levels.

Damaging gunfire noise filtered out.

Colour: Green. Napier Code: ED960.

Order Reference NAEM10

Can be got from http://www.avalon-shop.co.uk/index.php? ... ts_id=1376 for £119!!! which is a lot!.


I dont know what they are like, Im just saying.....



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