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Patrick goes solo ina' Spain


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You have put in more effiort than any other person I know. You have sat in the field on more non flyable days than any other student, Your drive and determination is humbling.

I think you may be the oldest Paramotor Pilot in the world!?

Can anyone beat 72 years old?


And well done to Alex L as well.


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The two guys talking at the begining of the above clip of Patricks first solo are my Brother in-law Steve and his mate Doddy who both completed thier first solo flights that week.

Spookily enough Steve's brother Nick (my other brother in-law) has also completed solo flights this month here in UK. Family holidays will never be the same again. Yippeee. The wives are delighted :roll:

Steve had nothing but good things to say about the guys at Skyschool. Great guys, as the celebration at the end shows.

I havn't flown yet this month due to the dreaded W's, work and weather, not looking good for the next week or so either. Getting anxious now, need my fix.


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