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Dudek Synthesis


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Hi all,

i have a synthesis wing and was wondering a couple of things...

1-When under power, can i use the trimmer to counteract the torque?

2-if not i have heard that letting one side hang lower is also a way, but fitting a mallion will surely twist the riser by 90 degrees, is this ok?

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It is not advised that you do this,

Colin and I went to France and had a very good talk about Reflex and Semi Reflex and so on....

The problem with using the trimmers is that each side of the wing then has not just asymmetrical speed settings but also, reflex amount, and the center of Gravity moves slightly off to one side...

Best way was advised to use the TST which will not effect the reflex or COG. (if your going a long way, you can wrap the tip line around the handle once or twice, this can be done in the air with ease and (for safety, if you do it on the ground you may apply to much prior to take off.)

You can normally counter most torque steer from your harness which is a much better option of course. Fitting a mallion as you suggest is a bad idea, the way people use this method to adjust torque is by using one short crab and one long one, NEVER two on one side and NEVER one through another.

My advice would be to try adjusting your harness straps to make your natural weight sit more of to a side.


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