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Lovely evening flight


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What a great way to start the weekend!

Three of us (Mike1714 and instructor Andy) took off from the field at the top of Detling Hill.

There were 2 balloons on the horizon, we flew over light wind grounded paraglidists (ha, ha) and I have finally found a configuration for the 3 blade ground adjustable which pushed me and my Parajet compact off the ground nicely in about 3 mph winds.

Then had a couple of pints at a country pub before heading home for dinner - Perfection?

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Hi Colin.

The GSC 3 blade ground adjustable is now set at 19 degrees which gives an engine RPM of about 7800 which is what it revs to with the original 3 blade carbon fibre one. I did have concerns that the additional weight would increase the torque effect on steering but happily there was no perceptable difference.

It was set for 25 degrees on my last attempted takeoff which gave 6800 RPM in the hope of more dynamic (whilst flying) thrust for greater efficiency but this gave too little static (whilst stationary) thrust to get my 15 stones into the air.

Hope this is of some use to anyone going down the same road. Happy to answer any questions.

Best regards,


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Be very careful of overpitching the prop or you will melt the piston/head under load. The Parajet engine is directly related to the Black Devil which is very intolerant of overpitch.

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