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Fields in Beds or Herts?

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Hi everyone,

I started a paramotor course with Paul Taylor (AV8ER) over in Byfield at the beginning of this (so called) summer. As I live in Dunstable it's a good hour's drive to get to his field so it's not worth doing (with fuel prices the way they are) unless there's a really good chance of getting instructor time and flying weather. Unfortunately, that has been in woefully short supply and I've only managed about 5 sessions all year. Because of the infrequency of my practicing I haven't managed to get any consistency in my ground handling technique and haven't even got in the air yet :oops:

There are days like this weekend, for example, when Paul is off with the flu and I'm stuck at home even though the weather is perfect because I haven't got anywhere within a reasonable distance to practice safely and privately on the wing he's lent me. The downs round here would be ideal but they are either taken up with flying clubs or gangs of hoodies :evil:

Could anyone help me out? I need a field that's not too far from Dunstable where I could take my canopy and just practice. At the moment I'm still just trying to get my ground handling sorted out.

Many thanks, Marek

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