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Helmet Cam video

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Nice video and I personaly think the camera is ok as it is ,there are a lot of videos out there that have a lot of plain sky in them Its better to see a bit of your self/kit at the bottom.

Regarding the revolution, after taking off just park the brakes and use weight shift or/and stabilo lines to control direction (even on full slow trim) the revo is stable on full slow without brake input. I used full slow on most of the tip to tip with out using the brakes just tip steering now and then.

Pete b

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I Alan.

What camara set-up are you using? Looks very wide angle lens and good quality. I know nothing about video camaras buy ther way.

I do a fair bit of flying but only shoot the odd still pic. Your excellent vid makes me want to try some movie pics here in sunny Cornwall.

Anyone know anything about the camara set-up on e-bay; is it a "buy cheap buy twice" thing?

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PARAMOTOR-ATC-200 ... 286.c0.m14



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They are OK for you tube type short vids mate.

I dont have one an also know little to nothing about them other than, I know a mate who uses one on his off road bike and it is OK.


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This is the camera I'm using


and I use a Sony handycam as the recorder.

You can get different lenes for the dogcam but I use the standard 3.2mm.

The quality is excellent but is lost on youtube. As stated above, if you want to see the actual quality I will send you a dvd with a couple of flights on it. (any comments/recommendations on my flying would also be appreciated)

Best Regards


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