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Need some action in cheshire


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Hello guys,

I know I'm as guilty as the next man for lack of flying but I've been getting some good free flying in rather than using the motor. Meds have you had any flying? It'd be good to come and have a look at your field at some point as I really want to get up on the motor again.

The coldish air and clear skies made for some interesting conditions this weekend for free-flying. Got really quite thermic up here later on Sat.

On Sunday I sat on top of Shining Tor freezing my ass off for a couple of hours watching some dodgy lenticulars and a 10 mile long cumulus cloud street kicking off from (what looked like) Manchester city centre in a much stronger than forecast breeze. Some hangies launched though to at least give us someting to watch.

Come on the Cheshire-set.

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Hi, Thanks for the invite. I too took up pg as a route to ppg, but enjoyed it so much the transition is taking longer than expected!

I've had a couple of short hops but have been waiting on getting my ppg reserve repacked and some extra netting to arrive.

I may have your email addr but I'll pm you mine so it you reply I'll definitely have yours. Next time you're planning to head to the field let me know. I'm in Lymm.

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