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Pottering around Devon at 3-3 ltrs / hr


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Hello Devon boys

Took the Flat-Top up for a couple of hours at 4 pm. Played with the thermals as they died away slowly. The Atis 2 wing makes good use of a little of mother natures lift, with it's superb glide, and rounds out nicely with a gradual flare on landing, leaving me with a couple of steps needed, perhaps, into almost nil wind, even though I'm 150 kg all up on a placard weight of 100 I think. I've free flown it at 115KG all up, wing weight included. Nil wind launches with full 10 ltrs of fuel can seem a bit fast, but the wings already relieved me of the motor when I'm doing the Ostrich strides at 20 mph. I can bank it over on it's side, til I feel sick, or fly through my own wake and feel it wobble. Dell Schanze watch out. Farmer Dave's catching up!

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Hi Lee

I'm trying to source some more the same as mine. I could have a battery and charger sent over with the next motors but it is dear and you'd have to wait. I want to keep my spare here just incase. No good to you without a smart charger anyway. Will post you when I have more info. Your most cost effective route might be another cordless drill battery. There are plenty around.

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