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Thanks for the warm welcome on Sunday evening. I did end up flying just after you left. On the first attempt I tripped and fell onto one knee during launch (ouch), but the second was fine. The guy with you, (Dan I think, sorry I'm crap with names), hung around for the lauch which was very considerate of him.

I probably hung around for about an hour between 500' and 1500'. I went up to about 2500' so I could push upwind over the white horse then glide down a couple of hundred feet and get a good distance clear before laying on the power (didn't want to upset the tourists too much).

That certainly is a very beautiful place to fly. Landing was absolutely rubbish and I ended up landing about 6" above the ground and taking a small drop! I figured out why afterwards. There is a very slight uphill with the wind in that direction and my teacher always told me to look about 100' ahead of where I was landing... I did all that and was looking uphill as I bottomed out on the brakes! I'll do better next time.

I left home this afternoon to come back up but called in for tea at a friends place on the way (just off the motorway) and by the time my cuppa was done the wind had picked up something wicked! Yeh, I should have come over anyway because I just KNOW you're now going to tell me you were in the air till midnight and the sun was still up and you've never had smoother air... pah!

OK, I will drop round to the field at least one evening in the coming week. I'll bring my membership fees and put me down for an FB sized T shirt!



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