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Lago d'Iseo - SIV Course

Guest francis777

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3500ft take off, climb to 4500 or 5000 in the "ridge lift" and out over the lake to "do your stuff"

Safety boat, life jacket, radio instruction, asymetric collapse, full frontal, spin, B-line stall, real spiral dive, recovery theory and practise.

Thermal and turbulence theory and practise.

Never be afraid of the bumps again!!!!!

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At some point between the 25th Oct and the 2nd Nov Or up to 9th Nov if oversubscribed. SIV instructor is "Butterfly" (Dave Botha) ex Airwave Test Pilot and Comp. This guy invented SIV at Babadag before anyone else knew about it.

Access is RyanAir to Bergamo or Brescia from Stanstead, Bristol, Bournmouth. I got my flight for £47! I am flying out on the 23rd with a mate to organise the accomodation and airport transfers.

The course is per day but there is also "Thermal Flying" and "Intro to Mountains" tuition in the same week(s).

see Italia Dolomiti thread

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Butterfly Dave 'Botha'

Is without doubt a very very very good person for teaching you anything!

He is a top PG pilot who has the max possible respect from one of the people I respect the most.

nuff said.


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