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Anyone got a Walkerjet RR?


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Hi all,

Ive been offered one of these bad boys and am wondering what people think about them, ive been told that they are awkward to wear and feel like they are hanging low plus you cant walk backwards in it. Are they any good or not?

im 6' tall with a wide chest (told i might not fit between the bars?)

any help on the subject would be appreciated

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Yeah Bignos

I've got a good 200 RR electric start model with 35 hours run time for sale. It's currently a spare motor for me to use but my new one is so reliable, I dont think it's worth keeping. They do feel a little heavy to start with but they're big on power so the weight is rapidly taken from you at launch. I've walked backwards, on several light wind reverse launches, without problem. You will find plenty of critics who've never used one. Walkerjet RR is still great value for money and there's plenty of crash protection which may help save someones back from injury one day.

I'm in Devon. Number is 07954 313080


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well i have got one and its a great motor very comfy and safe with the protection under it if i bought a new motor i would buy the same again super power and very stront there also good value and spares are easy to get little heavy but ya get used to whatever ya use

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The comfort bars are restrictive, but generally the newer frame and cage designs are very strong.

I've rubber legged down onto the skids on more than one sweltering summer day and not eaten a prop yet as a result or damaged the tank. I'm 6' 100kg myself, and am glad to have the Mini2's 150+ lbs thrust behind me on a hot humid day. I understand the need for it, but am not fond of running.

One thing most WJ owners enjoy is not sitting in the dirt when they get into the harness. Makes standing a bit easier too.

The WJ 200 had some ignition or carb issues to be sure are sorted first if it's an early model. It was unproven when I built mine so I went with the mini2.

Frame design is what sold me on the WJ - tough and gusseted where it should be. The trade off is limited weight shift due to restriction of motion from "comfort" bars. I had one side take the brunt of a crossed wing thermic day launch and then cage as well. That's 150kg getting whipped onto the two mount bars sideways with only a crack to be welded. Bars come up to my lower rib cage, so a wide chest should not be an issue other than making risers snug to you. They offer some protection in the event of a faceplant as well that other machines do not. It's all a trade off.

If the price lines up with the hours/shape it's in, I would do it again.

Make sure it's got the 3.1:1 redrive...

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