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Dolomiti - Italia

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23rd October to 3rd Nov

JFDIand Butterfly Paraglidingare going to The Dolomites again.

This is a superb mountain location with opportunities for paragliding and paramotoring.

What is on offer this time is:-

  • Intro to Mountain flying PG (suitable for recently qualified or mountain novices)
    Advanced thermalling and cross country planning PG (suitable for PG with several xcs in their log book)
    Completion of CP tasks to BHPA CP (Hill) PG (you will already have your EP and completed some soaring tasks).
    Conversion from Power to Hill (experienced paramototrists wanting to obtain a BHPA 9Hill) pg rating).
    Assessment of independent PPG to BHPA PPG rating. (experienced paramotorist wanting to obtain BHPA (power) rating.
    Guiding to mountain sites and limited retrieve. (experienced PG or PPG who only want guidance to sites and accomodation).
    Possible 1 day SIV if I can get it organised in time.

RyanAir Bristol to Bergamo currently £47 (inc all fees) (offer til Sunday midnight)

Other possible routes are Stanstead to Brescia or Treviso.

Locations are Rovetta in the west and Semozo in the East and all the mountains and lakes in between.

This is is a pioneering trip to establish links and locations for making this a regular safari next year onwards.

See some of the locations.

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Wednesday 29th to Wednesday 4th

Just add 20b&b and 10 evening meal and you have a week in italy!!!!!!!! for under 240 !!!!!!!!

Camping is also available and free if you eat some meals in the restaurant.

Guiding and tuition available see above post.

PM me for details.

The above Ryanair offer is also available from Liverpool.

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This trip is now full.

comprising 3 PPG pilots and the rest PG.

Watch this space for photos when we return.

Next PPG trip mid-Frabruary to the Catalan plains around Perpignan and the Ceret Valley.

Next SIV to Iseo April. Will post dates in the new year.

PM me to register interest.

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