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Tip to Tip 2010 confirmed team members


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All, this is a place where I will be keeping you all up to date with the team members list for tip to tip 2010.

I would ask that all of the people who have said that you would like to be a part of the Australia Tip to Tip 2010 team please keep an eye on this forum for information on the first mission meeting and make sure your there :D

As we do not yet know how many pilots are going to be 'flying' this route I can not list that information. As soon as we have the planning team together, we can start to plan the films detail and we will know that information.

Simon W, Expedition Leader.

Colin B, Expedition Co-Ordinator.

Norman R, Route Planner, Online Planning cell.

Patrick B, ( Ex British Forces Officer, Experienced military Expedition planner / leader ) Also helping with finding funding.

Chris B, (Ex Aus Special Forces, Ex British Forces, Ground support Team.

Lynwen, Production Company, Camara Crew.

Dave, Production Company, Camera Crew.

Tracey, driving / ground support team.

Keith, driving / ground support team.

Pete B, driving / Ground support team, Mechanic.

Stuart, Tec stuff, website, tracking and so on.

1 X investor confirmed.

2X investor excited but not confirmed 'yet'.

Many of the people on this list would like to fly during the trip, pilots have not yet been picked but they will be from the above list.


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