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All, Whoever ventured to the field today probably had a whale of a time, the weather looked brilliant from my neck of the woods.

Anyway l have been toying with a prop that l have had for sometime to fit to my Parajet while the grandchildren were getting ready for the airport, yep, they have been here for five days(big sigh!) Went back to Spain midday today. :roll::roll::roll:

Anyway back to the prop, after drilling out the holes to correctly fit to my motor, after starting it up the motor seemed to want to pull away from me (weird) Have l got it on the right way so swapped it around and the same thing happened.Then it dawned on me (don't laugh) it is for a motor that turns the other way to a Parajet, so

Cheep at the price of £80 to whoever has a motor that turns the opposite to a Parajet and the length is 130cms. To add that this is a repaired prop but is balanced and flyable.

Regards Mike

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