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Class F is airlanes for IFR flights through class G space isnt it? so it is not so much space as routes? There is limited ATC separation for IFR but VFR is the same as class G. They have a base and upper limit usually in flight levels and they are I think 5Nm wide.

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I'm sure I've gone through this with you a few times but here it is again for you:

• 7 classes of Airspace


o B: Above FL245 – I'd be surprised if you could breathe up there let alone your motor!

o C: Isn’t any in UK

o D: CTR’s / CTA’s – VFR allowed with ATC Clearance

o E: Scottish CTR, VFR allowed with no ATC Clearance

o F: ADR (Advisory Route), Allowed to cross, be cautious, VMC minima! 10nm wide

o G: Open FIR – VMC minima!


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