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3 G and computer issues.

Guest francis777

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Anyone running 3G dongle? I know Simon and Norman are. How are you getting on with it? I am having problems.

1. MS Active Sync is malfunctioning. I am getting a message to say the version of AS on my PDA cannnot be verifies. It has taken me several months to connect the start of the problem with my installation of the Huwai 3G Usb modem. I find that I have to go into task manager and kill the rapimgr.exe that AS uses than connect my device then restart rapimgr.exe manually (have put a desktop icon). I know it is 3G and AS not playing nicely together because if I uninstall the Huwai, AS works normally.

2. Every so often I get a driver malfunction on the HUwai. It will connect (I get the light blue light) but I get no web or skype or other connectivity. I have to unistall and re-install the HUWAI.

Just wondered if its me or if anyone else has had problems since installing their 3 dongle?

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My dongal is working perfectly.

Faster than my BT hom hub and less money.

Thinking of getting rid of BT all together now.


Same here, home hub keeps letting me down and talktalk keep screwing up my bills, don't use the home phone ever so they can go and whistle, my dongle even works pretty well where there is no 3G.

I like using my Dongle! :D

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