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First off let me say Hi! I'm new to this paramotoring business and am looking to start learning some time next year.

I just wanted to say thanks to Dan, I've spent this entire evening reading this thread from start to end and it has made me want to get started right now! It's been a really good read and pretty well cemented the idea that I want to take this sport/hobby up!

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Thanks guys (had forgotten my blog), camera is a Fuji F100fd - really small compact camera with dual image stabilisers - it's getting a bit old now but does the job nicely.


Few piccys of the Essex fly-in taken with it....






Have also managed to put a decent video together since getting the budget GoPro 960, some cracking dawn & sunset flying on this clip which were shot in 720p.



GoPro frame capture


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I know it's a while since any updates but this blog is inspiring :D

I had some really nice evening sunset flights last autumn from Guildford and knocked up another short video, even landed out one night at Newlands corner due to running low on fuel and chosing to put down in a nice field before the fumes ran out over Guildford town centre.

Since then I have been tied up a lot with work but flew with Paul last week and we had 90 mins of fun chasing balloons then circling combine harvesters & tractors in the fields around Surrey.

The old H&E is still going strong, just changed the gearbox oil again to keep it healthy and I'm in the process of filling a small ding in my main prop. Also still loving my old Revo1 26m, launches easy enough and rides out the bumps keeping up with most new wings - don't want to change it just yet.


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This training blog has had over 47,000 views. !!!

If you are currently in training, please start to keep a blog to help others who are super keen to learn from your experiences. :-)

The new site (which will be live in a matter of 1-2 weeks) has a dedicated 'blogs' section which has much better tools specifically for blog creation.


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