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Changes to Walbro 37 carb on Adventure A4


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Hi I have a question about changes out a Walbro WB32 to Walbro WB37 carb on a Solo 210.

My old Walbro WB 32 carb on my Adventure A4, have 3 connections. Fuel inlet from fuel tank, puls port from the motor, and the last connection is conected to the fuel primer pump.

I have just bought a Walbro WB 37 carb, this carb have only 2 connections. One connection for fuel from the fuel tank, and the other is the puls port.

Have anyone done this modification?

How have people done it with the fuel primer pump?

How is it to start if you not use the primer pump.

I hope some one have some tips about this modification.



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Put the primer bulb into the fuel supply line BUT be very careful about the primer bulb you use as they can deteriorate surprisingly quickly allowing air into the supply line which is a big no no.

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