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swing arcus/powerplay sting


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I have read on para2000 that the swing arcus is also known as the powerplay sting, however the specs are different, the swing has no mention of paramotors where as the sting has, does that mean the sting is an uprated version of the swing or is the swing just as good as the sting under power, are there actually any real difference between the 2?

swing arcus


powerplay sting


cheers, Dave.

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The sting, arcus, escape, silex, voyager are all the same wing design. They all have the same flight characteristics and make a very good PPG wing. So whats the difference? the arcus comes with standard risers and you need to buy the trim risers for it if you want full speed range for PPG. The arcus has been around since 1998 and the different versions have used different fabrics. The later arcus 5 has a new size range so there is no exact size equivalent between arcus 5 and the older siblings. The Powerplay versions The escape, voyager and sting (only difference between is the branding) use the older size range, have heavier fabric on the top surface and stronger lines in some cascades. I think, but cannot confirm, that they have longer lines by 200mm. They are also tested under DULV to withstand the drop test at a much heavier loading (e.g. the arcus M has max in flight weight 105kg and is the same wing size as the sting 140 whose max ifw 140kg hence the strengthened build).

That is the differences between the two(+). They fly the same? pretty much, its more about durability and testing for the German market. the longer lines (if that is correct) would make the Powrerplay versions slightly less agile and seem more stable possibly. Unless you flew them on the same day you might not notice much but I expect the arcus is more agile as a paragliding wing.

I flew an arcus with a PAP 120 for many years with great delight and success. I have trained pilots on this and the Silex, students love it to learn on and have bought them as their first wing (as I did), and flown them for many happy hours.

An arcus in good nick is around 500 quid these days and the power risers are around 70.

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