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New Reflex 2 Paramotor Wing For Sale


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This wing was bought brand new by a friend 3 years ago when he bought his Paramotor. However he never did get trained and so never flew the machine and placed the unused wing in his loft after only getting it out of its sack to look at then again around 2 weeks ago for photos to be taken. It is an immaculate blue and yellow Reflex 2 paramotor wing, the purchase price was £2400 however he is realistic and is looking for around £900

First to see will buy and anybody in the know will testify that this wing is both Fast and safe being Mk2 in Mike Campbell Jones designs.

Size is Large and the paperwork says 80 - 160 KG's so a huge weight range.

If you want more information or to arrange a viewing please call my mate John on the following number:

Mobile: 07786 707946

Home: 01908 260780

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Reflex wings, AKA Eagle flight, produced the "reflex" in 1999 and the Genie in 2002. I do not know when the last reflex was made but probably more than 3 years ago. "Brand new" Genie's are currently being sold with new paramotors as "complete kit" deals at very good prices. I do not know when the last Genie was actually manufactured.One of our number was contemplating buying a Genie recently at 1400 I think, so this refelx , if unused is a 500 saving on the current "new" price for this wing. The "new" price quoted is about right for the year when it actually was made as the retail price for the reflex was Eu3500 which is more than 2400 an dthe genie was Eu2500

The Reflex was rebadged in 2002 as the Mark 2 but it is the same wing as the original Reflex.

The Large size has an afnor "standard" certification the medium does not.

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Just a personal thing but...

Whenever I see the expression 'first to see will buy' it always turns me off. It's almost tempting to go and have a viewing just to go and say no! As buyers we make up our own minds. It may be low on hours but decent Paramania and Dudek wings come up second hand for that price or less.

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It akso carries a BCAR homolgation certificate which is an ultralight certification. Does anyone have a refernec to this testing system and what is tested and certified. The English version iis BCAR "S". Is this the only wing with an ULM certification? Very interesting!

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That's interesting Francis. Probably a bit of forward thinking by Mike C J. I notice his new wings are rated to a larger load than most today.

I have the large Genie that Mark spoke of and it does seem to be pretty strong. I put 35 hours on it, and Balders got plenty of use out of his too. The brake pressures seem a little harder than my present wing (Atis 2) and it reacts a bit slower, great for trainees, so doesn't tip over on it's side quite as fast. Good launch and land characteristics, glides ok and a bit quicker than most freeflying wings, although, you need a bit of bar to keep up with the Revo boys. I paid £600 for it at 25 hours use and would think it might be worth £425 now. I'd sell it but it's cheap enough to keep for the odd mate to have a go at ground work atleast. If I'd used it at Lambourn, instead of the 26 metre Atis, I might've flown. Didn't think of that til now. Duh!


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Dont confuse the Genie with tha Reflex. Reflex wings AKA Eagle Flight produced the "Reflex" (1998) AKA MKII(2002) (the wing for sale above) and the "Genie". The genie was never certified in any size I think. The Reflex attained a AFNOR Standard and a BCAR in Large and a BCAR in Medium (they only made these two sizes) The wing for sale is a large.

The reflex claims a top speed of 50 kph so is noticeably faster than the Genie. Althoug the Reflex L has these certifications and wide weight range I am unsure if the BCAR tests for 8g loading in a drop test. I am interested to find out.

This wing is, surely, a rare classic and in mint condition too. It is the prototype for the current offerings of reflex and semi reflex wings just before the collaboration between paramania and dudek that saw the Action come to market. It is a very heavy wing at 9 kg.

I think it would not completely embarass the pilot when trying to keep up with the "revo boys" :oops::oops:

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The Genie (L) ground handles very nicely. I've also done a few 'bunny hops' with it. With and without motor.

Farmer Dave has done about 40 flying hours on the same wing.

£900 seems a bit much, especially if you look at what else is around now that used MCJ 'true reflex' wings are now hitting the market

I think I can add a little to this thread, up until now I have only been ground handling but I have been using a reflex as mentioned above and a genie almost back to back on some occasions, I found the differance between the 2 to be night and day, the genie being a delight to ground handle whereas the reflex took much more effort to get up and "flying" above you under control.

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