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Noob in Hitchin (Hertfordshire)...

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Hi guys and gals,

I've been toying with the idea of Paramotoring for about 2 years now, keeping fairly 'in touch' with the scene but never commiting. I have a gap in my busy schedule for a new hobbie... and I am tied between skydiving and paramotoring. PPG obviously wins when it comes to practicality and initial expense so will likely win.

I have read all the posts with regards to this, that and the other, but never really see a straight answer to this...

Is 'official' training really 100% necessary? I can appreciate the knowedge that can be passed down via instructors, but surely that can also be gained either 'in flight' or by research etc. Obviously I do not condone or recommend haphazardly impulse buying the wrong kit, chucking it in the boot and driving to the nearest take off point five minutes after buying it from some dodgy guy on ebay. But surely if you are strict and realistic, a few hours practicing with a teathered wing, a few more hours reading up on thermals, hang points, specific aviation laws and the 'maths' behind it all - will that not suffice along with some 'friendly' advice from like minded enthusiasts? I think it would be slightly different if the law stated you must get certified, but it doesn't, so surely it is not essential?!?

I don't intend getting peoples back up, and I can see the advantage of being 'tutored' but still feel its not 100% needed. But then I am a newbie, probably naive and highly likely to offend or get flamed. Not my intention though.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your views...

If the general consensus is that trainign is essential - could anybody recommend a good, local tutor? Thank you...

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I, like yourself was unsure wether to get "proper" training or just wing it so to speak, well I have now been training for about a month under a very good instructor and can honestly say without proper training you will struggle like hell to understand what it takes to get off the ground, a proper instructer will watch you as you learn and be able to give you little tips to speed your training wich you never would have worked out yourself,not only that but he will be able to give you tips on the best equipment to buy for your specific needs. like me you have proberly watched some of the videos on sites like youtube and thought "it dont look that hard, its just a case of running like hell". you will get to fly far quicker and safer once you have been tutored by an instructor, I can put you in touch with my instructor who teaches at westmill farm wich is on the A602 just outside stevenage so not too far from you.

let me know if you would like more info on training.

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You can teach yourself, loads of people have, it's quite a new sport so there was a time in the not too distant past where there were no instructors...

However do a search on youtube for "paramotor crash" and have a long think about it, you only have one life. The money you will spend on training would be covered by your saving in props + motor & wing repairs - not to mention medical expenses.

Training is not just how to get off the ground, it's how to do it safely and return alive without breaking any laws - and training is actually great fun, new faces, new places.....

good luck

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Watcha Ben,Im in hitchin so if you wanna meet up etc feel free,I occasionly fly from royston heath if the wind is in the right direction! failing that its normally geoff sodens place up at alconbury,my intructors home town over at banbury or ive a mate who flies over at ware, drop me a pm or text/call

07920 198505 cheers Gaz

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