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Boy I'm learning more each day. I purchased a "build your own" kit from EAsyUp Corp. the kit is dated 1994 and has plans to build the frame for the hardness type paraguilder. So I thought, no problem, looked OK. At the same time I saw an ad for a used "aerial tandrum 2000" used wing. I called and the seller was a training school. I weigh 210 lbs and they said the wing was rated for 400. So getting a real good price on it I brought it. Now getting more into this I having thoughts about building the plans. Some people have told me that they used these plans with some changes and it worked well. Others tell me not to even attempt flying in something like this.

So now I have a few questions to anyone that would like to respond. Has anyone used these "build it yourself" plans and also what size motor will I need with this chute. Can you poiece these untis together or is it necessary to have a certain frame for the motor and wing.

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Wings and motors are very much 'mix and match' with folks choosing both to suit their individual needs. Remember, in the beginning of paramotoring, there was nothing BUT homebuilt gear to fly with. So if you are competent and methodical, I cannot see why a home built solution should not be totally adequate.

As long as your wing remains secured to your body, no matter what else fails, you should have the means of getting to the ground safely, the one possible exception to this would be in the event of an in-flight fire.

Many people make quite wild modifications to their stock equipment, so my feeling is, from a technical point of view, go for it. Make sure you get training however, as the man who teaches himself has a fool for a student.

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aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggh :shock::shock::shock:

My feeling is if you need to ask basic "how to" questions when building an aircraft it may already be beyond your knowledge and abilities.

Since proven kit is available second hand at probably less than you are spending why bother?

If you turned up at my school with your kit asking to be taught how to use it I would question your "suitability for participation in the sport" and suggest golf.

But if you want to reinvent the wheel; may God be with you.

I hope I am being discouraging rather than disparaging. The route you are contemplating is fraught with potential "dissapointments"


http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DK-whisper-paramo ... 8908438468

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