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Donations still coming in - keep it up

Guest francis777

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Dont forget the publicity machine rumbles on! the Just Giving portals are open until the end of the month so anyone at work or down the pub who asks about the epic adventure dont forget to plug the charities. Every extra fiver is a fiver more than before!!!!!!

tiptotip.co.uk and hit the DONATE button :P


and your


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Well said Francis! After everything everyones gone through, lets make the pennies add up PLEASE :D

I agree lets keep the money coming in while its still fresh in peolpes minds, just a small question, just been on the tip to tip site and the total donations are only £1002.00 that can't be right can it? :( I hope its just my computer playing up!!!

The effort deserves a hundred time that amount.


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yes thats just the donations from private individuals paying on-line collected during the event (and after hopefully). I dont know how much the whole thing will come to and I think the wings have yet to be auctioned or some such. Also there are the people collecting on sponsor forms etc so that money still to come and be counted.

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Ref Wedge / donations

The wings are going to be auctioned off on E-bay just as soon as we have them all back here and checked over.

there are 5 of the 6 still in good order, 1 was turned into confetti by a Parajet Macro. :lol:

The Just giving page is only one of the ways to donate, as Francis suggests, we have yet to collect sponsor forms, and sell the kit.

I expect the total to be well over £10,000 based on numbers people are giving me.



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Hi Simon W,

It's been more than a month since your last Charity donation update.

Have you a better idea of how much has actually be collected, to include the just giving page, monies from sponsor forms, collections on route and the sale of the one Tip-Tip wing on-bay.

Lets hope, that all the dedicated efforts made by everyone involved is well rewarded for the chosen Tip to Tip 2008 Charities.

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I now have in, the sponsor forms from my misses and my next door neighbour which has rasied a further £400.

The first wing sold for £1320 which we are hoping the others will sell for the same amount. (there is another one on there now)

which if they do... will total £6600 on its own.

We collected a total of £60 on route.

Once we have sent the first £1000 to the Forces Childrens Trust Colins work are going to match it with a further £1000. bringing the total up ro £7600 + the Just giving money which goes directly to the charities... and the sponsor forms that are still out there we are expecting / hoping to get to £10k!!!


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There is still money comming in, we have paid £1250 already to the forces childrens trust, and I have a further FCT specific cheques to the tune of £1900.

We still have wings to sell (3 of them) and expect to get at least £3300 for them. (OFFERS PLEASE)

I have £622 with of sponsorship money from people who collected it from freinds e.t.c

And the money from the just giving page £1095

+ a £1000 pledge from Didcut Power Station!

= £9167

I have paid some to the FCT as the cheques were written out directly to them from most.

At the Xmas party, I intend to work out the split between the air ambulances and send out the wedge. :D


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