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Retard alert


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I bought some of those cobra walkie talkies off ebay, I payed the guy through paypal, he then sent me this :shock:

what going on with geting my 33.60 i am go out tomorw see what can do about get back off arther sending him to lot of 33.60 you put me in det so am going down to the cort with all of e mails i have and post office receipt

My reply was:

can you please get another member of your family, posibbly your dad if he is over 30, to translate the above into english so I can work out what the f@*k you are on about.

mind you he probably wont understand what I have wrote as it dont end in "INIT"


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just a couple of minor questions:

a. Have you actually received the goods yet?

b. Does the seller have many positive feedbacks?

c. Have any subsequent messages suggested cancelling Paypal and using Western Union instead?

I dont know why but something about the quoted message makes me immediately think of our friends from Nigeria, who usually try to sell paramotors on ebay and send similarly bizarre messages...... (see elsewhere on the forum!)

It may of course be genuine and if so a reminder of why teachers so deserve their 12 weeks a year holidays....

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I had two separate Nigerians try to buy a wing I had for sale. I smelt a fish and rang the number out of curiosity, got a gentleman on the phone who cannot have long been off the boat from Lagos. It seems to me a chap does need to be careful out there...

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