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I would be interested to know if the problems that have been encountered with the tracking page have been due to the 'SPOT' system, or the way we are distributing the information.

I am tempted to spend on 'SPOT' but if these hiccups are symptomatic of system issues then I might reconsider and have a blow out on a s/h satellite phone instead.

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I haven't encountered any problems with watching the tracking process (and I'm watching frequently). Sometimes when I refresh the page, it comes up as page unavailable, but then I just re-open the page from fresh and everything is ok. I don't think this is the tracking page problem - just me refreshing too much! :roll:

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Phil, et al,

you bring up an interesting question and, as I have no commercial axe to grind with SPOT, I'll give an impartial answer...

This morning's problem was due to problem between the TipToTip webserver and the Tricerion Webserver where we are coordinating the tracking for all the pilots. It was nothing to do with the SPOT service at all.

The problem on Day 1 was due to a software upgrade on the SPOT webserver going awry.

None of those problems had any impact on the satellite tracking or uplink service. If anyone had pressed the "help" button it would have been responded to. I've been using the service for 3 months now and the Day 1 problem was the only time I've had any evidence of a webserver problem with SPOT.


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