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hp thrust wing

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I would say no, i do not think think the Apco Thrust HP would be suitable for a beginner. It has no certification. To me it means if Apco have not got it certified it is because they know it will not meet the criteria for a beginner's wing and they do not see a big enough market to get it certified in a higher class.

The Apco Thrust (without the HP bit) is a different wing and this one is certified as CEN "standard" in the small size and AFNOR "standard" in the larger sizes. This means it is a "standard" class gilder and is suitable for beginners.

Both the Thrust and the Thrust HP are designed for use with paramotors but neither has any paramotor certification (either DULV or DMSV) that just means they have not had it tested (because they dont see a market for those wings in Germany) not because it would not pass if they did!

Good wings for beginners as well as the thrust are the Swing Arcus (aka PowerPlay Sting) the Gin Bolero (aka Paramania GoFly) and Ozone Electrons and atoms are good too. I am told the Macpara eden and eden 3 are beginner wings but NOT the eden 2 which is an acro wing.

Others may tell you that the Paramania Revolution or Action or the Dudek Synthesis or Reaction are good beginner wings. I disagree and feel that these are intermediate wings.

Advanced wings for paramotoring I would say are any paragliding wing with a DHV 2 rating or above (or CEN C or above), any reflex wing not mentioned in the list of 4 above and any iuncertified wing from America or Eastern Europe. (simply because you would not know what you were buying.

All of the above is merely my opinion.

Hope that is helpful

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well i thankyou for a good explanaition of it , it is a shame as i do like the sound of the hp with the valves and things with it but if you think no i will stay away

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