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They are off


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Two V formations of paramotors took off from Lands End about 2 hours ago heading to the first fuel stop, the typical British summer weather is doing it's best to ground the pilots but they are braving the unsettled conditions to forge ahead.

Good luck guys....

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The guys appreciate the support, they have been fueling up near Bodmin in Cornwall and are about to head to Princetown, Dartmoor.

Weather conditions not perfect however it seems to be clearing slightly so they are trying to make progress while they can, sounds like the ground crew are having fun navigating on the Cornish backroads.

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Update for you.


This image was taken by 'Dragonphotographic' just before departure.

29th - Afternoon

We are on the ground at Roche near St Mawgan, the weather has been 'brisk' as the severe weather warning on the Met Office site wil show. Currently waiting for the passage of a gusty block of weather with rain attached before deciding whether or not to launch for Pringtown (Runnage Farm). A decision will come when the weather passes and the wind moderates. If no fly - we camp at Roche!

All teamm members well, a couple of minor mishaps but running close to schedule at the moment.

NEWS JUST IN 1850L - we are staying at Roche tonight. Up with the larks to launch for Runnage Barns then on to Mere/Lambourn. It will be a long day if the weather plays ball.

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No, not top secret but the field that they use to land will depend on the wind at the time. The flag pole would be a good start as you will see them as they do their lap of honour. I will mention to Simon that it would be good if he could define the most likely landing field for the benefit of members, friends and supporters who would would like to welcome the guys through the Lambourn nitestop. It will be a bit of a milestone...

Briefing time the evening before departure.


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The LZ for Lambourn will be the ridgeway carpark.

Drive through ashbury up the hill and you will see the Landing field.

Not sure which ones have been cut at the moment but will see when we get there.

As a suggestion, get to the ridgeway carpark and look up.


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WELL DONE LADS!! Glad you got on the way and good luck to you all - in the air and below! Landing site for Lambourn is the field called Short Hedge. Simon, it is cut and already worked over so you will see the stubble mixed with the soil. Sorry it is not a soft wheat field but an ichy barley! It is best reached down the track marked "private" after the ridgeway carpark, on the right, as you drive to lambourn. The metal gate will be open at the top of the track. "Red Barn" on the OS map - I think. Look forward to seeing you all in formation on the way in!!!

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Relay from 'Dragonphotographic' in a soggy Roche field.

There has ben a clearance from the South West, blue sky and the wind dropped significantly and the word is that the boys are getting ready to roll. The Cornwall Air Ambulance helicopter dropped in earlier to see how things were progressing which was a huge boost to the damp souls starting to suffer from trench foot.

If they consider it safe to go, then go they will. You can go to the Tip to Tip sight to watch the tracking page for the result after the event.

Fair winds and fine fortune fellas'!

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Er....hi lads, glad to see you are in the air...um...slight problem this end... landing and camping field had a fertilizer input today, human sewage on the right and chicken muck on the the left....ooops :roll: At least the sewage is from windsor - so no smell there!!! You can land there or on the combes if the winds in the right direction. Camp on the combes - I can take the motors there on a small flat bed if you land in the stubble (last years butterfly crop circle)(thanks Patti!) and take them back to the stubble for take off if needed. There are cows grazing on the combes but if someone from the ground crew could let me know in advance when you are nearly here I will make sure they are out of the way. Whichever you choose, I am afraid it is all fairly sh*t!! :lol::lol::lol:

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Right now human poo is the least of their worries, they would gladly land in it if it meant getting out of their current mud hole....but thanks for the info Pegasus :D fingers crossed they should be with you tomorrow if they can sort the current issues.

Quick update, four pilots have made it off the hill but two had problems, sounds like PeteB lost a brake handle and SimonW had no power and landed with a slipping belt due to motor being soaking wet. Logistical nightmare now as the groundcrew are trying to support two venues, repair the grounded equipment and support the new landing site while preparing for a flyable day tomorrow.

Guys good luck 8)

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Just chatted to Simon.

Simon and Pete b will be airborne at first light to rejoin the rest at Clearbrook North of Plymouth in the foothills of Dartmoor. The 4X4 is with S & P and will dispatch when the boys are airborne for Clearbrook, pick up fuel and be there to refuel everyone. After that it is onward and upward for Axminster and beyond weather permitting.



The weather has been appalling by any measure and their initial fortunes less than ideal. But the guys are battling on and learning huge lessons as they go along that will see them very well later. I am full of admiration for their pluck. When they synthesize their qualities, the lessons learned and burnish the team's swiss watch, they will really begin to motor. Remember, a lot of the skills they are using are largely new to them, and their kit still unfamiliar as the weather across the scheduled practice days wiped them out. To make it this far is an achievement, but wait and see how they bounce back and forge on.

The GST have been magic!

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From the tracking site it looks as though Simon and Pete have made it into the air and are on their way to rejoin the rest of the crew.

The outlook for the next few days is better if the winds remain moderate. This is worse than East Enders! Phew! :lol:


The guys are all back together again now, Simon and Pete made the RV,

Last night wwhen the 'forward element' landed just before official dark, they happened across a pub called 'The Skylark Inn (Clearbrook, Yelverton). Victor the landlord there without a word took the guys in, fed and watered them and gave them somewhere to sleep for the night and asked for nothing in return, THIS is the sort of kindness that I have found when planning this event. When people discover why we are doing this they stick their shoulder against the event and shove. 'Fair gives you a lump in the throat I have to say.

If you feel up to it, a quick email of your thanks to Victor at the pub might let him know how much we all appreciate what he has done. ask@theskylarkinn.co.uk


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They are probably tucked up for the night clean and warm. Almost certainly in the same Skylark Inn that you read of above and plotting their next move given tomorrow's weather.

I and others are leaving them alone for a bit to allow them some space after a fairly intense few days... :wink:

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