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Paramotor Club T Shirts.

admin (Simon W)

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I am in the mood to get some T-shirts printed / sewn with the above logo. I am also going to get a price for small bumper stickers to go on your Motor and or Helmet.

In the main my questions is this....

Would you be interested in buying a Paramotor Club T Shirt with 'It's the pilots that make the party!' and the above logo?

I can think of no reason why they should be any more than a tenner but I suppose this will depend on numbers.

Please reply with YES if you would buy one.



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I’ll take one off of your hands Simon.

It might be a good idea to get a look at some samples before committing to a large order so as to gauge the actual sizes. I’ve learnt through experience that, for example, size large can mean absolutely anything. You’ve got your Chinese large and then you’ve got your American large if you get my drift. Or put another way you’ve got your Weesplat and you’ve got your Norman! :D



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I will have a proof with my on Tuesday for the Club T-Shirts, assuming that they are as good as described 3-4 days later I will have the remaining 49.

I opted for the better quality T's with the better quality print and so this is reflected in the cost which is now £12 per T-shirt.

They are the posh ones from the Fruit of the Loom.

So before next weekend the T-shirts will be here ready for collection.



XL x 8

L x 22

M x 15

S x 5

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Just knowing how busy I am with training at the moment I would have to say send a cheque please. Or come and visit the Lambourn site :D

My address is

Simon Westmore

Park Farm Lodge

Upper Lambourn



RG17 8RD

Please dont all send cheques as I dont have the time to go to the post office every day to send a T shirt :lol:


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The T-Shirts are now in stock and looking great ! 8)8)

Please visit the site for a fly and bring £12 with you, I only have 50 and they are close to all spoken for!! I have to say if someone is waving £12 under my nose and I have a T-shirt, it will be getting sold. So if you want one, you know where I am.


Had a Great morning with another flight above the clouds (this is becoming a bit of a morning habbit now.!!! ) and then a morning of a hill to Paramotor Conversion training.

Showroom is close to ready, I will have an open evening when it is done and stocked. :D:D

Ta Ta 4 now !!!


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