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180 members and 450 visits per day.

admin (Simon W)

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I find it very hard to understand quite how this site is attracting this amount of traffic but I am very happy that it is doing so. I firmly belive that this forum is the 'nicest' one to be in. We have a great vibe and great members.

'Its the people that make the party'

We now have 180 members and attract 450 visits every day, and rising.... (1011 a few days ago!)

Thanks to everyone on this site I remain overwhelmed and in your debt.

Below is the number of banner clicks each of our advertisers attracts each week!

ABC Studio Clicks 116 Banner Impressions 29719

support 135 28806

onrisk Yes 183 26603

Solutions 127 25729

Rad 177 24271


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There are loads of forums about, but few of them 'live' with active and lively contributions.

TalkPPG and even the Paramotor Magazine forums are relatively inactive. Flying magazine, a massive US publication has a forum that is.... virtually dead last time I looked.

I think content is king. Opinions and experience enrich - if people can learn from these places they visit and the more graphics they contain, the greater the interest. Eg: Hairsey writes well and people want to read what he has written as it is well put together, very informative and based on considerable experience.

Still, when you are writing, you ain't flyin'. :roll: I spend a fair amount of time on these things because I enjoy writing and am awake during UK daytime which may well be the middle of the night or very early in the morning where I am.

Just another opinion....

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