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Paramania Revolution trim settings

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This may seem like a basic question but I'm getting different answers from different people I ask. I have a new revo with the trim position indicator stitched on to the riser with a buckle that limits the travel of the trim. However what I am having difficulty finding out is where to set the trim indicator line to. For instance, in the photo below I though this was set to the take off trim position but other people seem to think that the white indicator line should be against the locking buckle to set the correct trim. Which way is it?



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Take off setting is when the bar that holds the setting is in the given section.

So, take off (from your picture) would require more to be pulled in. (about an inch from closed position)

When landing, I always pull them all the way in.



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Yes it IS wrong,

You need to feed more trim through the perminant metal tab.

This only has to be carried out once and normally by your dealer. (it is all in the manual ;-) )

But in short....

When you take delivery of the Revo it is set to PREVENT the use of fast trim. (in a semi perminant adjustment) SO......

You need to allow the use of FULL fast trim (at the moment you have little to no trim range)

Keep feeding the red trim tabs through the metal fastener until the Riser set is completely tight when on full fast trim.

The Manual will explain this in more detail in section 3.2.e :D SEE VIP note at the bottom.


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You just wait until you have flewn the wing on full fast !!!!!!


Tried it yesterday it was fast! The only issue I have is that the trim keeps slipping i.e. the buckle isn't gripping it. I have been on the Paramania web site and I've asked them to send me stronger springs.


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