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Full Setup Inc Trailer - Black Bull Engine, Ozone Spyder Wing + Lots More! £3500

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Hi all, I thought I'd offer my setup on here first before faffing with FB market place, eBay etc...

I've had this kit for 5 years and have simply not used it to its full potential and now I feel it's just taking up space so it's got to go. I did take some time to select the right bits of equipment so hopefully someone else can make good use of it!

Paramotor: Tag alloy frame made in Hull UK. With a Corsair Black Bull 2-stroke engine at around 33HP. Electric and Pull Start. Apco split-leg harness in size Large. Throttle is currently setup for Left-Handed but can be changed to Right-Handed if necessary. The frame did have a slight twist when I got it which I have pulled out. The fuel tank was pulled off its mount and has been repaired and mounted higher up using straps rather than a solid mount. It was my intentions to use this setup as is, and then fit a 3-bladed Carbon prop to gain the full thrust this motor can produce. It has an hour/temp meter fitted but this needs a new battery. Also, the electric start battery died, so it will need a 4S replacement. I can demonstrate it with a couple of my RC Car batteries although these will not be included in the sale. On taking the following photos, I noticed that the fuel primer bulb has perished so I have ordered a replacement, which will be fitted before sale. Cover and Prop covers included.

Wing: Ozone Spyder 26M. It has never been flown and has maybe a couple dozen ground handling hours on it. All original accessories included, stuff sack, speed bar etc as well as the ruck sack. I do have some videos of me ground handling this on YouTube which I can link to.

Trailer: 5 foot by 4 foot trailer has clamps fitted to hold the above frame for transport. Was fully refurbished a couple of years ago including brand new cover, lights, tyres etc. Plenty of space for fuel cans, wing bags etc

Reserve: Supair Light reserve parachute in size Large. Unopened since purchase, you would be wise to have this and the wing professionally checked before flight.

Accessories: Anemometer, Fall harness and old Paraglider harness used for ground handling. Couple of wind socks one large one small including pole. Brand new unused Giro skateboarding helmet modified for 3M ear defenders and Bluetooth headset ala Tucker Gott. Has a small USB power bank glued to side to power GoPro. Second headset included for ground comms.

I am open to reasonable offers for a quick sale. I will not be offering any items for sale separately until the Paramotor and Trailer are sold as these are the items that are taking up the space. Guide price for everything as pictured is £3500

Best regards,













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