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Weekend ground handling

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I went up to Norfolk at the weekend to take the family to Holkham beach before we start harvesting. Happened to have packed the wing and harness in the truck. What an awesome place to ground handle! Unfortunately no motors are allowed but a huge, wide, flat, clean and beautiful place with virtually no one around. If you live in Norfolk or fancy a short break to appeal to the whole family, it is there! (now if Norman is on line or anyone else who knows...how do I add a photo onto this????) :lol:

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Strawberry and Cream supplier!

There are some places and beaches to fly, before, during and afer the bird season.

If you ask on the PilotsPPGclubUK or Lemmings forum I think you will find them.

I've not flown their yet, but know you can IF YOU COOPERATE with their agreed rules.

For the usual obvious reasons, motors in the wrong place at the wrong time will spoil it....



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That makes sense as the entire area is a nature reserve but you are very lucky to have such a beautiful place on your doorstep. I would be there every day if I could and what was so special was the fact that it was so pristine - the only things we left behind were footprints...............and blood where I sliced my foot on a razor shell!! Tip of the day is wear correct foot wear when ground handling on a beach! :lol:

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