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Revolution (80cc air cooled version) good runner and a good engine & gearbox which runs at a ratio of 4 to 1.

Static thrust of 45 Kg @ 11600 revs.

Max pilot weight 115 Kg

Fuel tank 10 Ltr - if you can stand up with it - I used to carry 7 Ltrs.

3 props - big 1.31 Mtr so it shifts a lot of unobstructed air.

Reserve chute included - needs repacking.

Harness - built in with high hang points so you can use your existing wing.

Pull & electric start.

£1000.00 ONO.

Buyer collects - Kent area.

Phone Peter 07976298037

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Hi Peter

I fly in Kent and am keen to fly with new people.

If you are continuing with the sport once you've sold the motor, perhaps you would like to meet up for a flight?

Either way good luck with selling your kit - this is a great place to advertise it!

Best regards,


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Hi Ian.

I would truly like to fly with you but a few years ago my wife and I saw a microlight G-STX go down on the cliffs and that was when she put her foot down saying I could not fly again - tried many times to get the paramotor and the wing in the same place but one unit stayed at our static caravan and the other stayed at our real home - this went on for two years before I gave up trying.

I have had over 20 years in the sport (hang glider first) and not regretted any of it and never had an incident myself however I saw many over the years.

Been with a paramotor since before it was legal in the UK and had a good number of articles published in Skywings with an ending "it is currently illigal to fly a paramotor in the UK"....

Even had an input into the BHPA Paramotor exam - - yes I had to take it as well and it was a lot harder than I expected but I passed.

My wife Jan has supported me for many years with my flying but the death of the two guys in the microlight before her eyes finished it off - I can understand.

My paramotor has got to go now - I have tried to play it out but my feet have to now stay on the ground.

I have had a total of four paramotors and this one for sale is simple, light & reliable with few frills...

As a way to let go of my frustration I am now flying model R/C planes and scale helicopters - the latter was a challange but good fun...


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