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Centenary of Flying in Great Britain

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This is a little bit into the future, but I thought it was quite interesting -


I have recently flown over the Isle of Sheppey, so am thinking of contacting the organisers to see if I can do anything to help. Flying displays, fund raising etc? I think that our form of flying fits in nicely with the pioneering spirit of those early days.

Might help gain access to additional interesting sites, so may even be able to form a Kent branch of the club in the near future!

Weather looking good for an early flight tomorrow!

Best regards,


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If you possibly need some help in that area.......possibly forming of a Kent Club then I would help?!

Dont know where or how............................but I have a very good PA at my disposal that can start looking into things etc etc

Sorry, I haven't been in touch.......................work, work, work...........oh and kids, kids, kids!!!!!! Finally wife, wife wife!! Ha ha!!!

Will call call you .


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Let me know as soon as you want a thread to be created and I will make it so.

You may find that if you build it they will come...

I often get calls from people in Kent, in fact 2 are coming out for day 1 on Wednesday.


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