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Flying Suit

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Does anyone have an old flying suit knocking around that they would maybe part with?? Im about to start ground handing so need something fairly cheap etc! Im 6 foot, 75cm inside leg 65 cm arm 44 chest? an extra large suit i guess would be fine? Ive got paypal etc!

P.s, ill give the pink suits a miss!! :lol:

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Yea, just slip down to an agricultural supplier and pick up a cheap set of overalls. Good anti-hero wear, who needs a really smart suit at the beginning until you establish what your real needs are? As for the winter, an old ski suit does really well, they are not expensive. Even pink can be changed in a large bucket with a tub of Dylon.

If the budget is limited, creative solutions provide the answer.

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I use a one piece motorbike waterproof suit by Weise.

It's got useful pockets for radio and GPS, calf zips to make it easy to pull on over boots and is very snug and windproof with good closure at the neck, wrists and ankles.

A bit sweaty on the ground on a hot day but a good incentive to get off 1st time before you melt!

Best regards,


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Man thats bad timing, blueskyblue were selling new suits for under £40 two weeks ago in a stock clearance, RRP £129.

Overalls would be ok in the short term.

Just to let everyone know. I contacted bluskyblue.co.uk and spoke with a guy there enquiring if they had any of these cheaper suits laying around still even though id missed the 'sale'. He kindly put it back onto the website for me under my name and said he can leave it until im home from work etc? I explained that i was at my computer now and he duly added it back to the website! So ive just purchased a brand new suit for £40?!!

Very good customer serive by these guys i must add! :D

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