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Mounting a paramotor on a motorcycle


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Hi Everyone,

As there appears to be shockingly little on the topic anywhere on the interwebs, I'd like to share the engineering, the challenges and the practical realities of mounting and transporting a paramotor on the back of a motorbike in a set of posts over time as I undertake the exercise. I can see this topic has been discussed back in 2018 (see the link below), but from a starting point of "Can it be done". I'm hoping to take a different angle and show how I'm doing it and let you see the results. 

1. The objective - Be able to transport/travel with all gear required for a flight. 

2. The general plan - Mount my Power2Fly RS vertically with the cage broken down and props off, on a custom plate. Work out where to hang/strap/hide everything else such as wing, helmet, fuel, cage, props etc. after the motor is secure

3. Engineering constraints or considerations - I'm using my Kawasaki Versys 650 with existing givi removeable boxes. - The top box mounting plate will be the basis for a customised removable paramotor mounting position

A small bit of back story. This idea originated while I had a 125 Vespa scooter (thus the concept picture below) which was perfect for London commuting. While I believe it would have been technically feasible, after the second engine started making tappet noises, and more than 100 hours on freeway going to and from training, all the while getting buffeted around by trucks, I decided to upgrade to a proper motorbike.   

So that is the introduction. Keep watching for the pictures to follow and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any ideas of concerns* as the build goes. 


*Concerns for my mental stability for seriously considering this approach or longevity, if I do use it should be directed to my wife. 




Capture 1.JPG

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I think you`d be better off with a trailer.

This is my rig for when i take the pitbike to bike doo`s so we can razz it round the field after a few beers!

You could easily make a trailer to hold a paramotor, and when loaded up i bet it`s still quite a bit lighter than mine with bike + camping gear on it, you can certailnly tell you`ve got a trailer on with all that behind you, although once up to speed monowheel trailers are remamrkably stable.






my wife used to think i was bonkers too, but she`s used to it now.


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