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Yorkshire and the Tip to Tip

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I have lost a bunch of emails and copied PM's in the last week. Within them was details of a possible stop in Yorkshire. If you want us to swing by and are near the track, could you drop me an email please with details so that I can look at your location and see if we can splice you in...

Ta! 8)

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Approval obtained for landing and takeoff plus overnight camping (all fees waived by landowner as charity event) close by Clapham (between Settle and Ingleton) in the dales (earlier hoped for Goat Gap campsite is no longer operating). The owner understands the somewhat fluid nature of the timescale through the weather dependent nature of the thing and is fairly relaxed about that aspect.

Contact made with Parish council and article submitted for next issue of their parish newsletter (which for a "blink and you missed it" village of this size is very impressive - http://www.claphamyorkshire.co.uk/newsletter.html)

Actual field selection depending on wind direction on the day. Detailed site survey to follow in next week or two.

Fields concerned are on the east side of Clapham village, near the A65.

Outdoor leisure OL2, standard UK OS coords (03)747(04)692 to rough location.

54 degrees 07'04" North 2 degrees 23'14" West rough lat/long.

The camp field contains water tap etc and (immaculately clean) lavatories adjacent at edge of NT carpark.

Vehicle access to fields OKayed by owner.

Village contains pub plus bunkhouse with licensed cellar cafe/bar, couple of other cafes and the village store.

Will sound out the bunkhouse for potential scrounge of use of additional facilities, showers etc.

As Goat Gap no longer operates, their helo landing spot is not available but the air ambulance now lands on a field in the village (occasional need for cavers etc - Gaping Ghyll is just up the Ingleborough track). Intending to drop a few copies of the submitted parish mag article in leaflet form (with pointer to the charity donation URL) into the cafes in the village, and Ingleton, Settle etc when next there (on the basis that if it prompts nothing then nowt is lost or cost, but anything that does result is a bonus) to appeal to the self-interest of cavers, canyoners and assorted outdoor cragrats who are the potential beneficiaries of the air ambulance services!

Incidentally and apropos of not much at all, by my eyeball and finger-divider assessment, the area looks to be broadly the half way point for the T2T?

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