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Nitro 200 General Status

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Ey up!

I was just thinking about the ebb and flow of product popularity and buzz and it feels like the shine has come off the Nitro 200. Is it just a lack of promo recently or does the unit have inherent issues that have eventually come to light? It seemed to be very popular for a while but its all gone quiet...can anyone hazard a guess as to the top 5 units these days(or is it just Mav all the way?)  Just curious....



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I keep being tempted to try one of these.

But also keep hearing mixed things about them.

Despite their faults, I do like how Vittorazzi have loads of tech videos, and loads of people up and down the country who can help if there are issues.

As a non-techie, a Nitro would worry me if I had issues. What is the support model in the UK? Is there literally one place you could take it to for service and/or faults? Or are there plenty of people who could work on them? Is there anywhere with online videos and/or resources for them?

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Generalizing from a small sample space is always tricky, but let's keep in mind the fact that "reliable 2-stroke" is an oxymoron.

If you're considering a Mav, you might care to price its replacement netting, and extrapolate from there the cost of other replacement parts.

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Well here my take on the nitro 200 , owed my nitro 200 for about 4 years, and yes I DID have a problem with it, cylinder lining failed and was unable to get full power, 500 rpm down . Reported the problem to vince at custom air, and with in a few days received  all parts required to complete the repair, was invited to send the nitro down to air conceptions but so simple to do,had the parts sent out,think about 45 hours on the clock at the time , but this is the important thing all-out of warranty 2 year six month after purchasing the motor, Air conception have a 2year warranty and they stand by it....no nonsense about did I use the wrong oil or not the right amount ,up to about 85 hours now and running very nicely, having not spent a penny on it in all the time of ownership  that's saying something about nitro 200,ps have just received a new belt and starter batteries but not under warranty I might add, Show me a motor that never breaks down, and I will show you my arse in sainsburys



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