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Help -advice needed for Bailey hang angle

paul simkin

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Hoping someone can help with this. I’ve got a Bailey 175 V2 .it leans back too far on the hang test and the only adjustment is upto 90kg and over 90kg. It has the mid-type swan neck bars. The photos are with 87kg in the harness (which is my all up body weight give or take a couple of pounds, as you can see from the plumb-bob and protractor, it’s way back at 30 degrees, ( See edited update below)  even adding way more weight doesn’t bring it up much. 
ive been advised by Ben at Membury not to fly it, ( I’m still under instruction) and I’m not going to disregard his opinion.  I don’t want to sell it because it runs like a dream. The hoop has been banged at some point but the mounting frame is straight and there are no signs of any modifications to the chassis that could have disturbed the geometry, no dings or kinks in the frame. I could fit longer lower engine mounts to bring the bottom out, there’s plenty of space to the cage for prop clearance, but then the mounts would not be square on the frame and a stress would be set up on the ali mounting bosses  unless I had tapered adaptors made up.  Any advice would be appreciated. 
After seeing Mark’s comment it’s obviously not 30 degrees so I reset the whole hang test with my 90kg son in the seat and changed the photos. 
The hoop is distorted but the spirit level is measuring the prop flange angle from vertical. The hoop makes it look worse. It feels perfect when sat in it . 











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Not sure how you are measuring but that does not look like 30 degrees... Looks more like 10~15... looks reasonable to my eyes but i like to fly my v2 more upright, less comfy but more efficient and safer.

I drilled another set of holes to get what i wanted... Not advising you do the same, just letting you know what i did :)

Those are high mount bars... Not a lot of room to drill further back and less of an effect even if you did.

The weights may be misleading a bit, your leg weight would have more overhang so i would assume a couple more degrees in the positive direction once "you" are strapped in.

If i saw that flying around at that angle, i doubt my mind would register is as anything particularly unusual.

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This is 15 degrees, your frame looks to be below that... Looking at your top picture does make it look like your motor is drooping.

I had a similar issue with mine, it had been quite badly smashed and the uprights had a none obvious bend which took some effort to jack out with a hydraulic jack and ratchet straps.
Putting that straight edge against the forward uprights will reveal any issues with those.

Been flying the scruffy little thing for years now but i did eventually make a new cage hoop.

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Been thinking about this one...
Looking at your last photo again, its possible those dog-legs are also a little bent and with them being "high mount" a small bend would have a marked effect.
Bending those back towards the cage would have much more effect on the overall frame hang angle than bent uprights.

My dog-legs had been bent enough to have caused a bit of a kink which spoiled the rigidity of the tubing so I welded a small gusset in the lower curve.
Again, not recommending you do the same (Makes it nice and rigid but creates a stress riser) I wouldn't be shy of bending them to be parallel to the down tubes (while under tension) if they are in good condition though.

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