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Volution V1 Macro Frame parts??


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I broke my trusty old Parajet Volution on a rough trike landing. I went over a bank and turned over. Yes, I've had training!!. No injuries but bent the frame badly enough that I going to be a hard job to fix. Is anyone out there holding on to one of these? Prefer Europe but will look anywhere. Thanks. You can Whatsapp on 0034644590102. Peter.

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These parts are rarer than rocking horse poo in the UK. 

Even 5 years ago finding parts was a tricky business. It's always worth contacting Parajet in case they have something laying about but I very much doubt it. 

I will keep half an eye out for anything V1 related and wish you luck in your hunting. 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club! :-)



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