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FIRST UK RPM Flat-tops

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Hi guys

Haven't flown it yet. Bill's asleep and there's little wind. The only thing between me and flying that thing is 2 padlocks and 15 mins. I'd like him to be there really but if he doesn't wake soon, well, you know what's going to happen dont you? I can only sit here typing and downloading video for so long, and my pint of tea is almost drunk.

4 or five of us have had the Flat-top on our backs. All got that stupid grin. I am 16 stone and did just manage to keep it at full throttle but I was lying back and I could feel my feet sliding forward inch by inch. Bill's launched a couple of times . Just over half throttle seems to get him up with his medium Antea

Bill's around til Monday so if you want to meet him, pop over., All welcome. Sorry for late notice. Just waiting for the second unit to arrive with Bill's own modified Simmo 200 kicking out 30 + hp. We might put it in a frame if there's a crowd.


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My first impression....




It's big on just about everything Simon. I can stand behind it and rest my chin on the flat part of the cage. I flew it with a Sky Atis 2 this morning. The whole experience just set me on fire. Didn't want to come down. Infact the glide was so flat I had to change my technique completely. I was amazed at how much time I had and how slow the flare needed to be to round out. Not in the least bit intimidating but still quite a fast wing and the light controls and responsiveness just surprised me so much. Confidence shot right up. Breaking in the motor in the air could be difficult with a 27 m wing at 103kg pilot weight it only runs just over quarter throttle. Might not be enough work for it. LOL. 8)


ps Like to try to get to yer flyin if tis ok

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Hi Norman

I think the Flat-top is a little over 30 kg but my initial feeling is that it feels lighter than the Walkerjet. I will weigh it later but that will include the reserve which I wont be removing. Bill made a great job of fitting it.

I think Bill said the highest figure he'd seen for static thrust was 186 lbs (84 kg) I could believe it. It feels like 20-30 % better than the Walkerjet and when I opened it up to full chat, lastnight, I heard the belt slip briefly, so i went back to pottering about on quarter throttle. The Simo 200 is turning the slightly larger 130 three blade carbon prop.

I dont think there's a safer, more powerful unit, so on those grounds I'd be happy for people to try it. I was thinking of keeping my old one for mates to boot around on, but I wont be offending them with anything less than mine. It really impresses me alot. So does the Sky Atis 2. Bill brought one for me to try. I wouldn't let him take it away. The flat glide makes landings so easy even at 16 stone. The placard says 23.6 m/s2 projected area. Can that be right?. Seems a bit small


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Thanks for the feedback, I found the website and have given it a good looking at. Very impressive! not as pretty as the Parajet but there is considerable beauty in utility. I love the detachable fuel tanks and the capacity with two. The cage looks really strong and the thrust at 80 odd kg is phenomenal. I bet it will be a winner!

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...The placard says 23.6 m/s2 projected area. Can that be right?. Seems a bit small...

Dave, the clue is in the word 'projected' as this is effectively the shadow it would cast on the ground when inflated if a light source shone from above. If it was laid out flat then that projected area would be approx equal to nearly 28 square meters.



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