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Personnal progression in the sport

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Ok so there you go, starting this thread for people to follow my progression in this sport. I will post many videos and i think it'll be cool to see the progression i make.


For those who don't know me ( most of the people in this forum). My name is Julien i am a Quebecer ( French speaking person from the province of Québec in Canada) and i took up this sport when i was in college at 19 years old in 2018 and did my first flight in september 2018 and my last training flight (my 30th) in september this year. So yeah it took me 2 years to complete the paramotor training that is required for my canadian ppg license. All that is because of my job on a big farm which doesn't have a schedule so i couldn't plan anything with my instructor not knowing if i would work that evening/morning.  Right now i am studying agriculture in University.


So since i got my license this fall i am flying every occasion i have and just did my 65th flight.

I did my first 11 flights in training with a nervures estive ( 30m first 3 flights then 26m).

After that i have only flown my 2019 ITV Billy 22.5m which was kind of a big step from the boaty estive but i want to dedicate a youtube video about that .

All training flights were completed with a miniplane top 80 with a fixed high hangpoint

Now i am flying a 2008 Ros 125 on a Airpro  frame with high hangpoint fixed J-bar. So far i like the frame alot it has good geometry but i would like to move to a weight shift machine when i am better at taking off. I got this machine cheap from my instructor. It didn't run much since 2012  and will do for my first couple hundred flights.


So now we are here: Took off yesterday into some nasty air, nailed the landing like always but i didn't like the experience in those gusts altough it was probably still safe.




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Yes it is frozen ground, it ain't too bad it's very sandy soil so normally water doesn't pool on the surface unless it's froze  like this. We had a week below -15c without any snow on the ground so it must be frozen very deep.

I can't wait for summer to be here, gonna get cold soon and we just got around 12 inches of snow so it's protecting the wing but it's harder to run in the snow. Just flew 45 min yesterday at -3C without my heated gloves

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Getting some foot drag practice going. Glad it warmed up, -12C when i left home but -5C when i got in the air.

It was so much fun!! these flights make me want to fly even more even though i flew everyday this week and very tired.

My friend flying a top 80 with a ITV boxer 2 almost blew his prop with his foot drag... He saved it nicely. Looking forward to fly with him again.

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This one is from  october 2020 . First time flying my own machine, different geometry... need to lean into the thrust more. Be more gentle on the toggles too you can see the trailing edges moving alot as i almost trip and almost fall. this was my 31st takeoff


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main takeways are:

when trying a new frame make sure you practice leaning into the trust, the angle and thrust may not be the same as your used to

never stop running

be gentle on the toggles and isolate your hands from the rest of your body ( don't use them for balance)

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