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DudekSolo size?

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I've ordered (not arrived yet) a Solo 24 for my 105kg of take-off weight. I am new to paramotor but not-so-new in pagarliging per se (have been freeflying for 10 years now). I was following my instructor's advice and the manufacturer statement at https://www.dudek.eu/en/products/solo.html:


The basic rule is to choose the size of the wing so that the take-off weight is in the middle of the weight range. Less weight on the wing (lower range take-off weight) can be considered for foot take-off, when flying in calmer conditions, or when we want to improve economy. More experienced pilots who want to fly dynamically, have higher speed and fly in more demanding wind conditions can consider greater wing loading (take-off weight in the upper range). This is a common option among trike users.

So Solo 24 being 80-130kg range makes me fit perfect middle of it. Before I've made a call, I've flown Solo 24 and I liked it.

Since I've ordered the paraglider however, I've been seeing lots of pilots flying Solos of smaller sizes to fit the upper range or even exceed it but maybe they're just more experienced than I am.

Anyways, spring is coming, I can't wait for the wing to come soon....


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