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Around the UK on an electric Paramotor

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As you will I am sure soon notice, Sacha Dench is dusting off her kit and flying around the coast of the UK on an Electric Paramotor! :-) The PMC are supporting this event in whatever way we can. ( I will be helping with some ground support on the Electric bike ) :-)

The link below has a cool little video explaining what's happening and why, on the page is also the chance to donate / get involved. 

It would be ace if we could collectively support this as I think that it will do masses of good for the sport in the UK sending out a super positive message to I suspect EVERYONE in the country :-):-)

link>> Round Britain Climate Challenge <<link




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Awesome guys!! :-)

I honestly think this is a worthy adventure and also something in the UK which involves a Paramotor and is super positive and most likely to be the single largest exposure of our sport / toys to the UK general public since the Bear Grylls Everest thing which was not a happy vibe expedition / edit. 

Keeping this positive and showing our support as a community is I think a humble offering in return for the all round good I think it will be doing :-):-)

Again, thanks guys.. 



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It's early for me, 10.30 am on a Saturday morning, and I'm only just starting to 'get it together' after  a 'Dutch'  super-coffee & my handful of medz. 6 hrs sleep, for once, feels like a 12-hr lie-in right now.

... and my very 1st post here, I *had* planned to make that my intro thread (I'm NO fora rookie!) but that will have to wait until later in the weekend. (I'm a sports-junkie so weekends tend to be long & late - this weekend it's soccer, rugby(England v Waless), F1GP  - #GoLewis , boxing, NCAA (college) american football & NFL from 6 pm Sunday to 4 am Monday morning.)

But instead I find myself moved by this amazing challenge (esp at this time of year ;))

Yes, I'll be making a donation to this super-worthy cause - but it will be next Friday, when my next PIP payment hits the bank. £30 to get started, more to come later.

I'll also start posting about it on my social media feeds. I haven't worked out the timings yet, but on first glance it looks like I *might* be able to witness the flight for myself, either down the Cumbrian coast or the north seas coast on the eastern leg. Have to check the map better later for dates.

Hmm, think I'd best upgrade my membership here too, and soon.

My very best to the challenge team, and to every member who is backing this AMAZEBALLS adventure 👏

Time to give my wee support woofit his morning 'walk' now - only after you've met him (Merlin the Min-Pin, named after the engine NOT the wizard) can it be understood why it's funny so to apostrophise the word walk ;) 


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Interesting. As someone who has built an electric paramotor and is building a second one, I just want to know more about the E-ppg that they are using.

So if someone new all the details that would be awesome. I am looking for things like battery energy, battery configuration (number in series and parallel), cell size, cell chemistry/manufacturer, motor manufacturer, motor kv, frame, battery cell weight, prop size, prop pitch, total unit weight, and basically everything else. Even if anyone has part of those specs, it's not too hard to fill in the missing puzzle pieces.

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I suspect that there will be a ground based EV which carries more than one battery to allow for an almost permanent charge cycle BUT that IS a guess. :-) I don't think for a second that we now have a motor that can produce 22bhp from a standard 9V for 8 hours or a standard 9V battery that can run a 22bhp motor for a day that's for sure ;-)

This will be a logistical expedition rather than a 'how long can I fly for without a piss (or pissing myself), type expedition' 

It will be very much 'normal' IMO but I am still super happy that things are heading in that direction. (its just better, nicer, cleaner, not just the environment but your hands, car, kitchen, bedroom or where ever you store your motor for that matter. :-)



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