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Running out of fuel over the clouds

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I have been using ski gloves until this year and it does take some getting used to launching with the added bulk. I usually keep the gloves off until I have clipped in, just cos it is easier. Then I have my throttle in my right hand and I always tuck the right brake in between the throttle and the palm of my hand. This way the brake is secure without me having to worry about holding it (I always do this, even when not wearing gloves). When I was originally trained I was taught to hold the A's between thumb and first finger as this gives really good feel. I changed this to now just having the A's hooked over my thumb, not holding them as such. This then works well with gloves and feels very siilar.

I normally spend winter in Spain, but am stuck in UK this year! I have just got myself some Gin gloves and so far have only had to put them on the lowest setting, really warm. I have a 5 layer flight suit which is toasty. My only problem now is my feet get cold, despite having boots and 2 pairs of socks. I might have to try the cocoon next!

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that is good advice, i was taught to hook in the a's with my thumb and use the mini plane throttle with my index finger while holding my brakes with my other 3 fingers. So far with gloves i seem to prefer holding the brakes with my two last fingers and using the middle one for the throttle. I like to be able to stow my brakes. So far i didn't get cold anywhere else with 4 layers of clothes and surplus combat boots.

It will be interesting this winter as it often goes down to -20 C. Most people choose not to fly during winter or only fly when it's like 0 C .

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